Special delivery from the Composer Express!

10 December 2014 by Steven Rombauts

With the release of Nooku Framework 2.0 stable we needed an efficient way to distribute the framework and install it in Joomla.

We pride ourselves on how easy it is to write robust applications using the framework, so naturally installation should be hassle-free as well. That’s where Composer fits in perfectly.

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Nooku Jam 14 - Tools Showdown

18 November 2014 by Peter Raeves

Traditionally, towards the end of a Nooku Jam, all attendees get the occasion to share their most beloved tools. It was not different at our latest Nooku Jam.

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PHPFest Manila

12 November 2014 by Johan

Are you a web developer based in or around Manila? Do you use PHP? Join us for the first ever PHPFest on Friday 21th November 2014 from 6pm till 10pm at PaletExpress, Makati, Manila.

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On Philosophy, Architecture and Ants

10 November 2014 by Joachim van de Haterd

This is a guest post from Joachim van de Haterd, developer at Moyo Web Architects.

On 29 & 30 October 2014, the yearly-ish Nooku Jam was held. The Moyo Web Architects team was there with a stronger presence than ever. As one of the organizers put it, we keep spawning. Five of us were there. Two of us did presentations and one of us tells his story.

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