Backbone.js, Joomla and Nooku, an instant friendship

Backbone.js, Joomla and Nooku possible? Absolutely! Nooku’s built-in JSON API makes it a great choice as a back-end for any kind of desktop and mobile app. Don’t believe us?

Our new tutorial “Using Backbone.js with Nooku” shows you how you can use TodoMVC’s Backbone.js example app as a frontend for our Joomla Todo extension.

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Nooku Framework 2.1 released

Nooku framework 2.1 has just been released! In this release, we focused on fixing reported issues and further stabilizing the codebase. Support for PHP 5.2 has been dropped making way for a more modern codebase.

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Experiences building custom Joomla extensions with Nooku

This is a guest post from JS Webdesign about their experiences building custom extensions for Joomla using Nooku Framework.

JS Webdesign was approached in 2012 to build a custom application to capture, manage, and display the contact and profile information of the members and companies of the Wemeldinge business club.

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A happy Nooku year to all of you!

2014 has come to an end. It has a been another great year of progress for our little project and we expect 2015 to be no different. We are starting the year off with two great releases and are looking forward to what the rest of 2015 has in store. Here is a little overview.

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