Nooku Contributor Agreement

12 November 2010 by Johan

CommunityIn July we launched the idea on the mailing list to setup a Nooku Incubator where developers can collaborate on building new an innovative Nooku Components. Over the past few months we have been making steady progress. The Nooku Incubator is being setup as we speak and will open it’s doors in the coming weeks.

In order to ensure that everyone has the same understanding of and commitment to Nooku when they choose to participate in the Nooku Incubator we have created a Nooku Contributor Agreement.

In simple terms, the Nooku Contributor Agreement states that:

  • You retain the ownership of the Contribution
  • You grant us a copyright license under the terms of the GNU LGPLv3/GNU GPLv3/GNU AGPLv3.
  • You warrant that your Contribution doesn’t violate the rights of any third parties.

This agreement protects your copyright, and allows Nooku and it’s community to grow and mature while relying on established and balanced licensing terms.

With this agreement we are explicitly choosing not to aggregate copyrights as many other open source companies and projects (eg, Joomla) are doing. Instead we believe that open source can be defined as the co-development of software by a community of people who choose to align a fragment of their self-interest in order to do so.

The commons in which they work contains software under an OSI-approved licence free from usage restrictions with guaranteed freedoms to use, study, modify and distribute it – “free software“. The community members each work at their own expense in order to achieve a shared outcome that benefits all, including themselves.

When community members create an enhancement, fix a defect, participate in a design, they are not “working for free” or “donating their work” so much as they are “participating in co-development”.

We believe that having diverse copyright ownership leads to a deeper mutual trust and an assurance that the playing-field remains equal for everyone involved.

The Nooku Contributor Agreement reflects those beliefs and we hope it will strengthen Nooku’s growth towards a truly open community of co-developers.