Nooku 12.1 Released

27 March 2012 by Johan

Busy times in the Nooku Project. Contributions are literally pouring in. Things are moving so fast that I haven’t had the time to write about the 12.1 release that went out last month. Besides this being our first real release, lots of great code also made it in.

Sticking to our new 4 month release cycle we officially tagged Nooku 12.1 (/tags/12.1) in all our repositories on the Nooku Developer Portal. At the same time, we also moved the 12.2 release in the trunk (/trunk) and started the development of 12.3 (/branches/development).

A stable first release

This first release is mostly a maintenance release. Lots of bugs and issues discovered after the last alpha have been fixed. We also focussed on making sure that Nooku Framework is fully compatible with all Joomla versions up to 2.5.x.

The 1200 commits made by not less than 12 rockstar developers from all over the world show how dedicated our community is to making Nooku solid and useable in a production environment. Thanks everyone!

Divided by 12 weeks, that’s an average of 108 commits/week or 21 commits a day. Not bad for ‘only’ a maintenance release!

Full list of changes:

Backwards compatibility

There is no backwards compatibility between releases. The changes between the 12.1 and alpha versions have been documented on the wiki.

If you are using Nooku Framework for public/commercial Joomla components, remember that you MUST update to 12.1! We will find you if you don’t ;)

What is happening next?

With the 12.1 release out the door, our focus has now shifted to the testing and stabilisation of 12.2 (/trunk) and development of 12.3 (/branches/development). Work in trunk and development is done at the same time. This means the release of 12.2 is planned for May/June, while 12.3 will be released in Sep/Oct.

If you are using Nooku for your project, you can either contribute features to 12.3 or you can help with the testing and stabilizing of the 12.2 release.

If you are getting to know Nooku and you have questions, feel free to jump into our #Nooku IRC channel for a chat.