Nooku is 4!

18 April 2012 by Johan

How time flies… Today, Nooku is 4 years old! It has been an interesting journey! A journey of inspiration, creativity, collaboration… Of pushing boundaries.

In the past 4 years, we got glorified, and vilified. We pursued a vision, challenged the status quo, received praise, above all, we kept to our principles and make good things happen.Beyond Joomla!

Beyond Joomla!

As we start year 5, Nooku will slowly leave its Joomla roots behind and wander off into the wider PHP galaxy.

Let’s face it,  Joomla is moving ahead, but progresses slowly. We love Joomla and we want it to thrive. We believed that Nooku could make this happen and so did some of you, but the time has come to move on.

In 2013, and with the release of 13.1, the Nooku Platform will run fully standalone. A release we are very much looking forward to. The PHP community is innovating at a fast pace and we want to be at the forefront, helping to evolve the web and continuously growing Nooku as a free and open source web application platform.

We recognize that for some, change is difficult. But this is technology! It’s the fastest game in the world! As a long time Joomla community member and Nooku Rock Star,  Torkil Johnsen said:

“You have to chase and embrace innovation to stay in the game, not demand that it comes over to shine your shoes.”

Blossoming community

Four years ago, we were not much more than a handful of people with a vision. Today, Nooku is:

  • an active team of 12 people
  • 500 subscribers in the developer’s discussion group
  • hundreds of websites powered by Nooku Server and Nooku Framework

We’ve been out there a lot as well.

Code metrics are not a good measurement for the size or quality of a project, but they do help to indicate progress. In our official repositories, we have:

  • 4650 commits for Nooku Framework
  • 3600 commits for Nooku Server
  • 1650 commits for Nooku Components

In the past 4 years more than 30 developers have contributed code to Nooku. Thanks You !

Party rock!

In true Nooku tradition, we party! Join us in Nooku Jam Leuven to celebrate Nooku’s birthday. Party hard and learn more about the Nooku Platform and roadmap. The event is taking place on the 16-17th of May 2012 at the FlandersDC Creativity Lab in Leuven, BE.

Nooku’ers from all over will come together for two days of mind blowing presentations, discussions, brainstorms, workshops, and hackathons around specific areas of the Nooku project and of course, to celebrate 4 great years of Nooku magic.

Happy 4th Birthday Nooku!