Create web applications with less code

By drastically reducing the amount of code you need to write, Nooku helps you to create powerful web applications easily. Using the web technologies you know and love: PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

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Getting started with Nooku is easy.

Nooku is an open source project for developers, integrators and hackers alike.

Nooku is different.

Our goal is to make it easier for developers to create more powerful products.

Intuitive API

Learn once, apply everywhere: the consistent object oriented design pattern based API is easy to learn, and a joy to work with.

Out-of-the-box security

Nooku will securely encode output and filter all input to prevent against XSS, SQL injection and CSRF attacks automatically.

PHP5.3 Strict

Nooku takes advantage of the latest features of PHP5.3 such as class autoloading, namespacing, closures, etc.

Modular and extendable

You can package more functionality into your own components. Every class, custom or core, can be extended, re-used, and replaced.

Component based

Nooku features a component based architecture using an IoC container powered by a dependency injector and a service locator.

RESTful architecture

Nooku is designed around the HTTP protocol. Each component automatically provides a level 3 JSON REST API out of the box, no extra coding required.

Dynamic (H)MVC

Nooku's dynamic and cascadable HMVC takes the work out of your hands. Implement your business logic by specializing Nooku's core.

User Interface

Nooku comes with a default user interface powered by HTML5 & CSS3 and builds upon the CSS3 Flexbox Module.

Who's using Nooku?

Each individually we turn Nooku's raw code into great products.

Built with love and ....

Nooku is built with love using awesome bleeding edge technologies.

Need help?

A strong community results in the best support a developer could wish for.


Our guides introduce important concepts in order to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.


Our Google group is the place to follow our progress and interact with fellow developers.


StackOverflow is used to track questions. Just tag your question with nooku.